Advanced Disk Coupling
SAD Series

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SAD Series

Release in Dec., 2019

Advanced Disk Coupling

Single Disk Double Disk
Hub Material High Strength Aluminum Alloy
Clamping Methods Side-clamp
OD range Ø19-Ø35
ID range Ø3-Ø16
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SAD Series is an advanced version of general Disk type Coupling (SD series), with its plate-spring structure modified to make the coupling more durable and stiff. SAD series uses 3-point fixation method for its plate spring rather than 2-point as in general SD Series, which allows users to use smaller sized product but keep the similar performance level.

1. Advanced version of Plate Spring shape

The advanced plate spring with 6 assembly holes and these holes have narrower distance than 4-hole structure (SD series). Thus, SAD series is less flexible than SD series. On the other hand, increasing the number of assembly holes helps to disperse stress and it makes its module more durable and stiff. This advanced disk coupling is suitable for the purpose of enhanced performance, being able to replace similar small sized disk couplings.

2. Maximized Torque Transmission

The rated torque values (transmittable torque) of SAD series are higher compared to the similar sized general SD series.

3. High Torsional Stiffness

SAD Series helps to obtain faster response time (excellent for high speed and high accuracy applications)