High Torque Disk Coupling
SHD Series

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SHD Series

High Torque Disk Coupling

Single Disk Double Disk
Clamping Methods Set-screw Side-clamp Taper-ring Set-screw Side-clamp Taper-ring
OD range Model SHDS (No mark) SHDS-C SHDS-T SHDW (No mark) SHDW-C SHDW-T
56~110 Shape
ID range Ø10~Ø60 Ø10~Ø60 Ø10~Ø60 Ø10~Ø60 Ø10~Ø60 Ø10~Ø60
Hub Material Ultra High Strength Aluminum Alloy
126 Shape - -
ID range Ø19~Ø60 Ø30~Ø60 Ø19~Ø60 Ø30~Ø60
Hub Material Steel Steel
144 Shape - -
ID range Ø22~Ø70 Ø22~Ø70
Hub Material Steel Steel
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Advanced version of Plate Spring shape
Illustration of the difference between SD series and SHD series

Sung-il developed the improved version of plate spring with doubled assembly holes to disperse stress concentration, and it enhances both strength and stiffness to the higher extent.

Improved durability with advanced body material
SD Series
SHD Series
Ratio (= Al7075 / Al2024)
Yield Strength 1.7 ~ 1.8
Tensile Strength 1.3 ~ 1.4
Shearing Strength 1.15 ~ 1.2
Fatigue Strength 1.15 ~ 1.2