Connecting Shaft

Connecting shaft is a compact solution which enables to transmit
motion accurately, especially when there is a longer distance
between shafts of an application.

  • Why Connecting Shaft?
  • How to determine the proper length(L)
  • How to calculate permissible parallel misalignment
  • How to calculate Torsional Stiffness

SHDL Series

High Torque Disk Type Connecting Shaft

Structure and Material
Structure Material Surface Treatment
Hub Ultra High Strength Aluminum Alloy Anodizing
Plate Spring Stainless Steel -
Collar (Spacer) Steel Black Oxide
Assembly Screw SCM435 Black Oxide
Hollow Shaft High Strength Aluminum Alloy Anodizing
Screw SCM435 Black Oxide
Product Features
  • Enhanced durability with SHD series coupling
  • Precise concentricity/straightness
  • Minimized moment of inertia by aluminum alloy material
  • Backlash free
  • High Torsional Stiffness
  • Easier installation and simpler maintenance
Parts with Alternative Material Options

Sung-il Machinery provides alternative material options for Coupling parts for customers who are worried about corrosion on Black oxide finish. Please see the below table for more details.

Mark Material Surface treatment
No mark Steel Black Oxide
SUS/ASS Stainless Steel -
How to Order
① Clamping Methods
General Side-clamp
Side-clamp Hub Split
Taper-ring (T)
② L (Total Length)
③ Side-clamp Hub Split
No mark
Not Split
④ Keyway
No mark
No Keyway
K(b size)
Keyway processed according to the indicated b size.
(Keyway is not applicable on Taper-ring type)