Disk Type
SD Series

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SD Seriesdownload

Disk Type Coupling

Single Disk Double Disk
Model SDS (No mark) SDS-C SDSS-C SDW (No mark) SDW-C SDWS-C
Hub Material High Strength Aluminum Alloy Stainless Steel High Strength Aluminum Alloy Stainless Steel
Clamping Methods Set-screw Side-clamp Set-screw Side-clamp
OD range Ø16-Ø64 Ø12-Ø104.5 Ø19-Ø94.5 Ø16-Ø64 Ø12-Ø104.5 Ø19-Ø94.5
ID range Ø3-Ø30 Ø3-Ø50 Ø4-Ø45 Ø3-Ø30 Ø3-Ø50 Ø4-Ø45
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Single Module vs Double Module
  • SD Series absorbs the misalignment through the plate springs in the middle part. Therefore, the double module is better at absorption of misalignment than the single module.
  • On the other hand, the single module has higher stiffness and precise positioning feature as well as it saves space in terms of shorter length(L).
Single Disk Double Disk
Plate-Spring Modules 1 2
Transmission Level
of Torque
(Max./Rated Torque)
Static Torsional Stiffness High Low
Absorption of
Low High
Custom Service : Extra plate springs Reinforcement
  • The most important part that determines the performance of SD coupling is assembly set of Plate-Springs.
  • As a customized service, Sung-il Machinery provides extra quantity of plate springs added according to customer’s special requests.
  • However, please be aware that this process makes strength of product enhanced, at the same time it may increase reaction force on shafts and would give negative effects on the connected devices.
  • Please contact Sung-il Customer Service team for more details.
The higher the number of stainless plates, the higher the strength, static torsional stiffness and the greater the reaction force applied to the shaft.