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SOH Series

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Oldham Coupling

SOH Series Classification
  • SOH series transmits motion through the middle spacer and is particularly excellent for absorption of parallel misalignment.
  • It has a simple structure for easier self-maintenance.
  • It enables reaction force on the shaft to be reduced by moving the spacer even though there is parallel misalignment.
  • Sung-il Machinery provides various spacer types which are allowed to be used in special circumstances.
Spacer Material Polyacetal (POM) PEEK VESPEL
Model SOH(No mark) SOH-C SOHM-C(Spacer-saving) SOHMP-C SOHV-C
Shape Shape of SOH(No mark) Shape of SOH-C Shape of SOHM-C(Spacer-saving) Shape of SOHMP-C Shape of SOHV-C
Hub Material High Strength Aluminum Alloy Stainless Steel
Clamping methods Set-screw Side-clamp
OD range Ø5.9-Ø73 Ø16-Ø118 Ø12-Ø73 Ø20-Ø32 Ø20-Ø32
ID range Ø1-Ø35 Ø3-Ø60 Ø3-Ø35 Ø4-Ø15 Ø4-Ø15
Application General Purposes Vacuum Vacuum & High-temperature
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Center-Through Spacer Option is available
  • If the shaft has to be inserted deeper than L1 value, we can provide appropriate center-through sleeves.
  • Please indicate additional mark (TH) next to the part no. Please refer to “HOW TO ORDER” for more details.
  • Center-Through (TH) is standard for the following models, SOH-6,8,10,12, SOHM-12C, SOH-70C, 90C, 120C and all sizes of SOHMP & SOHV series.
  • The standard color of spacer for SOH-6, 8, 10, 12 is white, but the material is the identical Polyacetal(POM).
Model Max. standard ID Spacer-TH ID
SOH-16 Φ6 Φ7
SOH-20 Φ8 Φ10
SOH-25 Φ10 Φ14
SOH-32 Φ15 Φ16
SOH-43 Φ19 Φ21
SOH-53 Φ25 Φ24
SOH-57 Φ28 Φ26
SOH-70 Φ40 Φ35
SOH-90 Φ50 Φ40
SOH-120 Φ60 Φ50