Rigid Coupling
SRG Series

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SRGS Series

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Rigid Coupling_Stainless Steel Body

Structure and Material


Structure Material
Body Stainless Steel
Screw SUSXM7


Structure Material
Body Stainless Steel
Screw SUSXM7
Product Features & Application
  • SRG Series is one-piece metal coupling with no backlash and it doesn’t allow any loss of motion while transmitting.
  • Because this series doesn’t absorb misalignment, the allocation of shafts should be set-up in line accurately without any misalignment.
  • SRGS Series is an enhanced version in terms of corrosion resistance by adopting stainless steel as its material.
Backlash free (Precision)
Torsional Stiffness
Vibration Absorption -
Misalignment Absorption -
Corrosion resistance
Applicable Motors Servo
Encoder -
General -
Clamping Methods
(No mark)
With Keyway
Side-clamp (C) General
Hub Split
With Keyway
Taper-ring (T) X
How to Order
① Clamping Methods
No mark
General Side-clamp
Side-clamp Hub Split
② Side-clamp Hub Split
No mark
Not Split
③ Keyway
No mark
No Keyway
K(b size)
Keyway processed according to the indicated b size.