Support Unit
For Ball screw

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Support unit for ball screw helps to support each shaft-ends of
ball screw. We, S.I.M provides diverse options according to sizes,
loads and purposes for our customers’ best convenience.

  • Support Unit for Ball Screw (Index)
  • General Load
  • High Load
  • Grease-injection Type
  • Other F.A. Components
    (Lock nut / Joint unit / Bearing unit)

Support Unit for Ball Screw (General Load) download

Product Overview
  • Installation Guide
  • Bearing Combinations
    and List of Bearings
  • Product Recommendation
    by Ball Screw Outer Diameters
  • Product Structure & How to order
  • Made-To-Order Process
  • Recommended Shape of
    Ball Screw Shaft-end

Installation Guide

Installation of Support Unit with Ball Screw
  1. Mount ball screw onto fixed side support unit.
    • The support unit must not be disassembled.
    • Make sure the oil-seal ring is not folded when the shaft-end is pushed towards the bearing.
    • Fasten set-screws of lock-nut after assembling collars.
    • Mount a nut bracket onto the nut of ball screw.
  2. Mount the deep groove ball bearing (of supported side support unit) onto the ball screw shaft-end, and fix with a snap-ring to secure and then insert the assembly to the housing of supported side support unit.
Assembly with the Table & Base
  1. Assemble the table with the nut bracket of ball screw.
  2. Mount the fixed side support unit temporarily with the base.
    • If the fixed side support unit is used as a reference point, make sure there is clearance secured between the outer diameter of ball screw nut and table. (or inner diameter of bracket)
    • If the table is used as a reference point, adjust height with shims for square shaped support unit or secure clearance between outer and inner diameter of inserted area for round shaped support unit.
  3. Mount the supported side support unit temporarily with the base.
Checking Accuracy & Fastening Fully
  1. Shift the table towards the center of the shaft and make it reciprocate between both ends so that motion is adjusted running in line as smoothly as possible.
  2. Measure the runout of the ball screw shaft-end and axial end-play by using a dial gauge. In the meantime, fully fasten in the following order, the nut bracket with the table, fixed side support unit and base, supported side support unit and base.
Connection with the Driving Motor
  1. Fully mount the motor bracket to the base accurately aligning with the ball screw.
  2. Connect the motor and the ball screw with a coupling.
  3. Operate the motor trial-run at a slow speed to make sure the assembly is accurately done.