Support Unit
For Ball screw

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Support unit for ball screw helps to support each shaft-ends of
ball screw. We, S.I.M provides diverse options according to sizes,
loads and purposes for our customers’ best convenience.

  • Support Unit for Ball Screw (Index)
  • General Load
  • High Load
  • Grease-injection Type
  • Other F.A. Components
    (Lock nut / Joint unit / Bearing unit)

Support Unit for Ball Screw (General Load)

Product Overview
  • Installation Guide
  • Bearing Combinations
    and List of Bearings
  • Product Recommendation
    by Ball Screw Outer Diameters
  • Product Structure & How to order
  • Made-To-Order Process
  • Recommended Shape of
    Ball Screw Shaft-end

Made-To-Order Process

Sung-il Machinery can conduct Made-To-Order processes (customization) upon our customer's requests.

Various Materials/Surface Treatment Options
Black Chrome Plating (Raydent)
Stainless Steel
Electroless Nickel Plating
Standard Made-To-Order
Material STEEL High Strength Aluminum Alloy
Stainless Steel
Surface Treatment Black Oxide Low-temperature Black Chrome Plating
Electroless Nickel Plating
Non-standard Shape Design Support
Modified Design
(e.g. additional tapped-holes, changed height etc.)
Completely New Design
(according to special specifications)
Various Grease Options (selected by customer)
  • Special grease options available for vacuum/cleanroom purposes
  • Or, other grease can be applied upon request
    (The specific grease model name is required in advance)

※ For these Made-To-Order processes above, please contact Sung-il Customer Service team prior to firm order placement, in order to discuss accurate specification/design.