Support Unit
For Ball screw

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Support unit for ball screw helps to support each shaft-ends of
ball screw. We, S.I.M provides diverse options according to sizes,
loads and purposes for our customers’ best convenience.

  • Support Unit for Ball Screw (Index)
  • General Load
  • High Load
  • Grease-injection Type
  • Other F.A. Components
    (Lock nut / Joint unit / Bearing unit)

Support Unit for Ball Screw (General Load)

Product Overview
  • Installation Guide
  • Bearing Combinations
    and List of Bearings
  • Product Recommendation
    by Ball Screw Outer Diameters
  • Product Structure & How to order
  • Made-To-Order Process
  • Recommended Shape of
    Ball Screw Shaft-end

Product Recommendation by Ball Screw Outer Diameters

Fixed Side
Ball Screw
Outer dia. (mm)
Fixed Side
Ø6 EK4 FK4
Ø8 EK5/EK6 BK6 FK5/FK6
Ø10, Ø12 EK8 BK8 AK8 FK8 CK8
Ø10, Ø12, Ø15 EK10 BK10 AK10 FK10 CK10
Ø14, Ø15, Ø16, Ø18 EK12 BK12 AK12 FK12 CK12
Ø20 EK15 BK15 AK15 FK15 CK15
Ø25, Ø28 BK17 FK17
EK20 BK20 AK20 FK20
Ø30, Ø32, Ø36 EK25 BK25 FK25
Ø40 BK30 FK30
Ø45 BK35 FK35
Ø50~Ø55 BK40 FK40
Supported Side
Ball Screw
Outer dia. (mm)
Supported Side
Ø8 EF6 BF6 FF6
Ø10, Ø12 EF8 BF8 AF8 FF8 CF8
Ø10, Ø12, Ø15 EF10 BF10 AF10 FF10 CF10
Ø14, Ø15, Ø16, Ø18 EF12 BF12 AF12 FF12 CF12
Ø20 EF15 BF15 AF15 FF15 CF15
Ø25, Ø28 BF17 FF17
EK20 BF20 AF20 FF20
Ø30, Ø32, Ø36 EF25 BF25 FF25
Ø40 BF30 FF30
Ø45 BF35 FF35
Ø50~Ø55 BF40 FF40