Support Unit
For Ball screw

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Support unit for ball screw helps to support each shaft-ends of
ball screw. We, S.I.M provides diverse options according to sizes,
loads and purposes for our customers’ best convenience.

  • Support Unit for Ball Screw (Index)
  • General Load
  • High Load
  • Grease-injection Type
  • Other F.A. Components
    (Lock nut / Joint unit / Bearing unit)

Grease-Injection Type Support Unit download

  • Advance design with a nipple being attached and a passage carved on the bearing cover for a easier grease refill
  • Prevention of foreign material and leak of grease by the inner oil-seal rings
  • Accompanied by a high accuracy lock-nut and collars(spacer)
Features of BK-G, FK-G & SWBK-G Series
  • Easy and Simple Grease Injection : This structure does not require the mounted Support unit to be detached from the ball screw and grease can be simply injected through the nipple on the body.
  • Enhanced Lubrication Performance & Reduced Bearing Friction : In terms that it is possible to frequently refill grease, it helps to reduce friction/abrasion of bearing and eventually extends the lifespan.
  • When a Support unit is mounted at a volatile circumstance or used with vertical drive motors, grease usually gets disappeared and lubrication of bearing doesn’t run smoothly. Thus, this Grease injection-type Support Unit series lets you refill grease easily and solves this issue.
How To Inject(Refill) Grease

While a Support Unit is mounted, you may inject grease through the nipple on the Support unit body, rotating the ball screw slowly.

How to Order
Model-Precision grade mark-Surface Treatment

Mark Bearing precision grade Preload
P5 P5 Medium
C8 General Medium
P0-C7 General Light

Mark Surface Treatment
No mark Black Oxide
RA Low temperature Black
Chrome Plating (Raydent)
List of bearings
Bearing Inner
dia. (mm)
Model Bearing
17 BK17-G FK17-G SWBK17-G 7203ATYNDFMP5 7203AWDFM 7203AW 17TAC47C
20 FK20-G SWBK20-G 7204ATYNDFMP5 7204AWDFM 7204AW 20TAC47C
BK20-G 7004ATYNDFMP5 7004AWDFM 7004AW
25 BK25-G FK25-G SWBK25-G 7205ATYNDFMP5 7205AWDFM 7205AW 25TAC 62C
30 BK30-G FK30-G SWBK30-G 7206ATYNDFMP5 7206AWDFM 7206AW 30TAC 62C
35 BK35-G FK35-G SWBK35-G 7207ATYNDFMP5 7207AWDFM 7207AW 35TAC 72C
40 BK40-G FK40-G SWBK40-G 7208ATYNDFMP5 7208AWDFM 7208AW 40TAC 72C
Recommended Shape Of Ball Screw Shaft-End (Fixed Side)
Demensions(mm) Lock-nut
d A B BK FK Model Size
M x pitch
Model E F S Model E F S
Ø25 - Ø28 17 15 BK17-G 65 23 17 FK17-G 67 23 17 RN17 M17 x 1
20 17 BK20-G 65 25 17 FK20-G 73 25 17 RN20 M20 x 1
Ø30 - Ø36 25 20 BK25-G 80 30 20 FK25-G 86 30 20 RN25 M25 x 1.5
Ø40 30 25 BK30-G 87 38 25 FK30-G 87 38 25 RN30 M30 x 1.5
Ø45 35 30 BK35-G 93 45 28 FK35-G 93 45 28 RN35 M35 x 1.5
Ø50 - Ø55 40 35 BK40-G 114 50 35 FK40-G 114 50 35 RN40 M40 x 1.5
Dimensions(mm) Lock-nut
d A B SWBK Model Size
M x pitch
Model E F S
Ø25 - Ø28 17 15 SWBK17-G DF 93 23 22 HLRN17 M17 x 1
DFD 108
20 17 SWBK20-G DF 93 25 24 HLRN20 M20 x 1
DFD 108
Ø30 - Ø36 25 20 SWBK25-G DF 98 30 25 HLRN25 M25 x 1.5
DFD 113
Ø40 30 25 SWBK30-G DF 98 38 25 HLRN30 M30 x 1.5
DFD 113
Ø45 35 30 SWBK35-G DF 101 45 27 HLRN35 M35 x 1.5
DFD 116
DFF 131
Ø50 - Ø55 40 35 SWBK40-G DF 106 50 32 HLRN40 M40 x 1.5
DFD 121
DFF 136