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Manufacturing motion control components has been always our passion since 1991.

We, Sung-il Machinery Co., Ltd (S.I.M) are an experienced manufacturer that started production of precision couplings in 1991 for the first time in Korea. In regards that all the couplings were only imported before us, we have always taken pride in our history of coupling localization which is the biggest one among our driving forces.
Currently, we have a wide range of Coupling product line as well as other factory automation components such as Support unit for Ball screw, Connecting shaft, A.P.Lock, Safety Coupling etc.
We will keep doing our best to create new possibilities through new and technology and products.

From a domestic Top-tier to a global market leader.

We have been operating 2 branch offices in China and Japan apart from exporting to appx. 40 countries throughout the world. (America, Europe, SEA, MEA etc.) We’re brave for global competition in terms of challenging tasks we’re consistently facing. We’re determined to become a global market leader from a domestic(Korean) Top-tier.

We are going to improve by working on fundamentals.

We learned our motto “Your satisfaction is our top priority” is the biggest driving force of sustainability in the past 30 years. We will endeavor to keep our core commitments (Quality, short lead-time and competitive prices)

We, Sung-il Machinery Co., Ltd sincerely thank you for your cooperation and support.

Company Profile

Company name

Sung-il Machinery Co., Ltd

Founded in

March, 1991

Incorporated in

February, 2008




Sung-Muk, Kim

  • Korea Master Hand
  • Korea Master Technicians of the month
Product Line

Coupling, Connecting Shaft, Safety Coupling,
A.P. LOCK (Power Lock), Support Unit for Ball-screw,
SPM etc.

Business Location
Korean HQ
Incheon (Production, Assembly & Sales)
Chinese office
Wuxi (Sales & Assembly)
Japanese office
Tokyo (Sales & Assembly)
  • HQ(Korea): 78
  • Overseas Branches: 19
2005. 12
ISO 9001 - Certified
2007. 04
Parts Specialization - Awarded
2007. 10
Excellent Capital Goods - Awarded
2012. 03
Korea Red Cross – Honor badge
2012. 09
Technology Innovation - Awarded
2014. 10
Gov. R&D Assignment - Awarded
2015. 08
Korea Master Technicians (of the month)
2015. 09
ISO 14001 - Certified
2016. 09
Korea Master Hand - Awarded
2017. 03
Small Giant Company -authorized
2017. 09
HI SEOUL Brand Company -authorized
2018. 01
Youth friendly (Small Giant Company)