Support Unit
For Ball screw

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Support unit for ball screw helps to support each shaft-ends of
ball screw. We, S.I.M provides diverse options according to sizes,
loads and purposes for our customers’ best convenience.

  • Support Unit for Ball Screw (Index)
  • General Load
  • High Load
  • Grease-injection Type
  • Other F.A. Components
    (Lock nut / Joint unit / Bearing unit)

Support Unit for Ball Screw (General Load)

Product Overview
  • Installation Guide
  • Bearing Combinations
    and List of Bearings
  • Product Recommendation
    by Ball Screw Outer Diameters
  • Product Structure & How to order
  • Made-To-Order Process
  • Recommended Shape of
    Ball Screw Shaft-end
  • WBK-2D (.dwg)
  • WBK-3D (.step)

WBK Series (Miniature Type)

WBK04, WBK06
  • Make sure the lock-nut is fastened fully due to frequent detachment of flange shaped miniature ball bearing.
  • Spacer(collar) are mounted on the body at release for the loss prevention.
Model CAD Size (mm)
Body Lock-nut Spacer(collar)
d1 A C D1 D2 E F G H W T M
WBK04 4 14 25 13 12.5 9 5 5 2.5 19 10 M4×0.5 Ø8×Ø4×1 - 1EA
WBK06 6 19 30 18 17 11 5 6.8 2.5 24 12 M6×0.75 Ø9.1×Ø6×1 - 1EA